Thursday, August 22, 2013

SM City Clark's Tech Fair Sale

Last August 17; PFB bloggers Khai, Elle, Kins and I were invited to SM City Clark's Tech Fair Sale which mostly consisted of goodies for those who are techie inclined. I have to confess that I'm a little bit off when it comes to gadgets because I only have a laptop and a phone as my "gadgets". The great thing about this event is that we were given first hand experience at the latest and best gadgets SM City Clark has to offer to the public.

Photography by Kingsly Gonzales

It was a day full of firsts for me. I got to "co-host" the event since all 4 of us were asked to hand pick a gadget from each of the booths in the Tech Fair Sale and were given ample air time why we chose that certain product. I also got to play NBA 2K13 for the first time care of GMX where I competed against 4 gamers and I won the first prize. I was too giddy about it because I was the only girl. Mwehehehe.

Over all, I couldn't have had a better time if it weren't for PFB. Thank you so much SM City Clark for inviting us over and giving us an unforgettable experience!

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PS: Will update this post again for more photos and stories! :)