Thea Castillo, 23, hails from the Philippines. Standing 5" ft tall, she graduated from Miriam College with a degree in BS Psychology.

She considers herself a freelancer of life having been in different fields of work such as Trainer, BPO recruitment, LGBT & Animal advocacy volunteerism, English Instructor, Fashion designer apprentice, and Contributing fashion writer for both online websites and print publications.

She has been blogging since 2011 but has kept it to a minimum. Having no intention of making it public, she continues to rant about her life's journey and not until she slowly got intertwined with different fashion-related platforms that this blog became a sartorial journey of sorts.

Currently, she is busy with traveling, dog loving, and being a web entrepreneur.

If you're interested for collaborations or if you have any other concerns, send her an e-mail at castillo.thea@gmail.com

You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Lookbook.