Friday, October 14, 2011

A well deserved pat

I promised myself when I got the grades for this semester, I'll post my editorial pictures for our annual. Of course I had to wait for this semester's grades because I didn't want to jinx anything and I wanted to believe that perseverance is a key to patience? I wanted myself to have this savoring moment to hold my head up high and be proud that I'll be graduating in a semester's time. Here's to all my sleepless and suicidal nights of trying to study.

Anyway, this pictorial was for our creative shot in our annual/year book. Our group decided to dress up as alter-egos and our normal stereotypical selves. I dressed up as a biker chick, this isn't my alter ego but I had no stereotypical self as mentioned by my blockmates, so I just dressed up oppositely of what I usually wear. I don't have copies of the alter-ego shots, though.

Lace peterpan collared blouse | Vintage

Blue Satchel | 70's Cathay Pacific FA bag
Floral bow & Chiffon skirt | Made by yours truly
Black pumps | Rusty Lopez