Friday, October 14, 2011

A well deserved pat

I promised myself when I got the grades for this semester, I'll post my editorial pictures for our annual. Of course I had to wait for this semester's grades because I didn't want to jinx anything (I'm not usually this superstitious seeing that I always walk under ladders and approach black cats) and I wanted to believe that perseverance is a key to patience? I don't know. I'm not usually the two either. But I wanted myself to have this savoring moment to hold my head waaay up friggin high and tell people I'll be graduating in a semester's time. Yes, I have waited for this moment ever since I got into Miriam. As you might see I'm not the usual student who studies for tests and boggles her mind that grades have to be extremely high. I rid of that behavior years ago. I don't think it'd help me to stress out on too much academe since I do stress out a lot. As long as I know I get high grades, I'm good with that. I seriously don't over achieve, seriously serious. I think if I ever did, I wouldn't be this cool (?) person who writes on her blog and talk to anonymous random people all over ze world. Nope, if I was an over-achiever, I might probably tell people I'm smarter than most. Luckily, I'm not. So you don't have to hate. :-)

Anyway, this pictorial was for our creative shot in our annual/year book. Our group decided to dress up as alter-egos and our normal stereotypical selves. I dressed up as a biker chick, this isn't my alter ego but I had no stereotypical self as mentioned by my blockmates, so I just dressed up oppositely of what I usually wear. I don't have copies of the alter-ego shots, maybe I'll update this post on that. (NOTE: Thea, update this post, pronto.)

For my "stereotypical" self, I dressed up as myself (HAHA LOL. This sentence made me think, I'm not using my brain cells so much). You see, my clothing preferences has evolved throughout time and I haven't been able to update everyone on the changes because of my lack of a camera. Boo. Jay says sometimes what I wear is over the top and sometimes it isn't. I think I'm fine with it. I just need to balance out what I wear. But this is hard for me, since I can't wear anything impromptu. I need everything settled on my mind like when a vision comes to you, that's how I dress up for the day or the next. So, here are the pictures and no laughing, mmkay?

This was mandatory. You know, to smile. It was hard. It really friggin was. I have no smile muscle in my face to even learn how to put up a decent half moon. Gee. This is what the photographer picked because you know, he said I looked good in it. I believed him, I shouldn't have.

 This was the "Oh, there's something on the floor pose". I'd like to think I was picking up shit. Yes, with le bare hands. I'm tomb raider like that.

 I have no idea why I keep looking at that side. I only had 4 shots, and I couldn't think of anything else. It was really on the spot, I was too busy accommodating poses and outfits for my friends, I forgot that I needed poses as well. Which is why....

I look like I'm impregnated with a bag. The dumb-ass photographer told me "hold up your bag so we could see it". The intelligent life being that I am, I did what I was told. But I didn't let him change the shot, I liked it. I wanted this shot to be my chosen shot. Because you know, iz weird as hell.

| Lace peterpan collared blouse: Lola's | Floral Bow: DIY | Dark blue awesome satchel: Vintage Cathay Pacific bag | Black chiffon skirt: Thrift | Black pumps: Rusty Lopez | Accessories (hair&hands): Sister's |

Yup, that's about it. I won't be posting my annual pictures because I'm too paranoid I might jinx the whole thing. LOL. But these creative shots will do. So what do you think (outfit, my brain, my uncanny belief on superstition or my self-confessed OC behavior) about this post?

PS: Have you entered Kryz Uy's giveaways? Or are you planning to attend the Multiply Shopping Party?

I deserve this pat,

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