Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Barfday Giveaway

Hey you. Last November 6 was my 20th. Sadly, I wasn't able to barf on anyone when I celebrated my birthday. So instead, I want to barf on you lovely dudes. Barf free goods, that is. This here would be my first of the many giveaways for this month. Anyway, Limechartreuse (yep, that's me) together with Vinyl and Cheese, Bella Blue and Dundee Accessories would like to give you shtuff for free! This is open to all homo sapiens in this here planet. I'm sorry, if you're not a homo sapien, better luck next time when I give non-homo sapien stuff for free.*wink wink nudge nudge*
Note: For international readers, yes, you can join said giveaways.

Assymetrical batwing drape top from Vinyl and Cheese
The great thing about this shirt is it's very loose and it fits all body types. You could also pair it with jeans, shorts, skirts and your undies if you're daring like that.

Hex nut bracelet from Bella Blue, Nautical ring from Dundee, Cotton pouch I picked up from the street

All you need to do is follow these steps. You have to do everything in order for your entry to be valid (except for number 4, it's optional):

1. (+3) Follow me on Google Friend Connect (it's located on the right side of my blog page, you just have to click "Join this site"), Twitter, Tumblr.  +1 point if you follow my LookBook as well ;)
2. (+5) Add my sponsors (you have to add all accounts):
Vinyl and Cheese (Facebook, Multiply)
Shop Bella Blue (Facebook, Multiply)
Dundee Accessories (Facebook)
3. (+2) Tweet this giveaway: "Join @limechartreuse first barfday giveaway! http://limechartreuse.blogspot.com/2011/11/first-barfday-giveaway.html"
4. ( OPTIONAL: +5) Blog or repost this in any way possible using your Facebook, Tumblr, or blog.
6. Yes, number 5 is missing, smartypants.
7. Fly to the moon while doing the dougie.
8. Leave your name, e-mail, twitter handle, your account usernames (FB,Tumblr,Multiply and LB if you did this) in the Disqus section.

Total: 15 points if you do ALL the steps. (+1 if you followed my Look Book)

Giveaway is extended til December 22! Winner will be announced the next day at 8PM. (Time zone: GMT +8) through random.org.

PS: Please indicate all the steps you've done and put all the links and points in your comment. I will check them. I kid you not. No cheating okay? I will make you eat brick if you did but... I love you. <3
Good luck you crazy people!

Thanks for barfing,
Thea C.