Friday, December 23, 2011

.....and we have our winner!

So this was supposed to be posted on Christmas day but I just came off from high fever so I just feel really sloppy now, what with bad health and personal problems (which I will not talk about here because I'm trying to be the "better" person) I feel as if the vacation is just an excuse for my body to just relax and let all viruses have a 3-day holiday alongside my crappy immune system. Anyway, I'm sorry for not being able to give you updates once in a while. I've been getting tweets when I'd be announcing my winner... so today's the day!

Congratulations to.... Alleyson Laurice R. Rabino!

 I have already emailed you regarding the giveaway, Alleyson. In the event that I will not receive confirmation from you in 24 hours, I will again, result to randomly picking a new winner.

Happy New Year bishes!
Thea C.