Saturday, October 12, 2013



Photography by Khai Nunag

If there's one thing people notice, it's my lack of wearing sweet and girly clothes just because I get restless by acting lady-like. Notice my incapability of wearing make-up and standing up straight (hello, osteoporosis)? They're the two culprits of my inhibition to wear frilly skirts and flimsy blouses. No offense to those who rock this style, it's just not my cup of tea.

So here's my take or better yet hard try of what girly dressing is. A see-through floral blouse and a maxi skirt and yes, no shoes. I pretty much like to update my wardrobe and style once in a while but I recluse to what I know best which is comfort dressing and I never try on clothes that will choke my big tummy make me feel uncomfortable which is skimpy dresses and girly clothes. Maybe another time when time permits.

Necklace | The Hook
Bag | Vintage
Floral blouse | Thrifted
Maxi skirt | Made by yours truly