Monday, March 17, 2014

Brick by Brick


Photos by Amary Tolentino

How's 2014 been treating you lately? I believe I'm the very last person to make a "new year, new me" post (3 months too late to be exact) but I think the change I want for myself already happened last 2013. Everything's been bright and sunny on my end for the past year, I'm just hoping for more blue skies and lots of sunshine this year.

Outfit above was made by me one boring day in 2012 and I've been wearing this button down non-stop ever since. I guess that's one thing I want back for 2014, to sew stuff again. Anyway, here's to a great start of the year to us (and hopefully more posts for me)!

Cutout button down | Made by me
Necklaces | Urban Rue
Suede ankle boots | SM Parisian