Saturday, May 3, 2014

Castaway Music Festival

In all honesty, I've never had it in me to appreciate OPM in the past. Why? Because I'm too much into old music that my mother and grandmother used to listen to when I was around 6 years old. Fast tracking to today, I've only been listening to the same music I've been listening to since high school plus new artists from Youtube (yes, I have so many YT artists on my track I can't count anymore).

When SM Pampanga's Marketing team invited #PFB to be part of one of the biggest OPM Music Festivals in North Luzon on April 26, I hesitated for a bit but Kingsly told me to go with him and knowing that I'd see Armi from UDD, I opted to join.

After months of fasting, it was the first time I drank beer again. Happy to say that we did initially pay for drinks at around 5PM but when night fell, there was this awesome guy who kept giving me free beer (and water). He even gave me free VVIP tickets that I didn't get to use because I was having too much fun being a front liner riot fan in the VIP section.


So many great bands that are proudly OPM! My newest favorites would be: Kiro (which is proudly Kapampangan btw), Indio I, Jensen and the Flips (just because they had this guy who looked like Russel from the movie Up), and Save Me Hollywood because Julz Savard OMG. As always, KJWAN and Franco was amazeballs. But the winning moment was when Armi went out into the stage and sang their first UDD song. Her voice and presence never fails to amaze me. *swoons*

PS: Will post my outfit for this event, soonest!

Thank you so much for having me, SM City Pampanga. Here's to the next leg of Castaway!
Post photos in IG with the hashtag #CastAwayinSMPampanga to win merch from the festival.