Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Here Comes The Sun

What is my essential outfit for a music festival that involves a lot of walking and includes public transportation? Something that'd goes in the line of comfort. Since I'm not really a concert goer, attending Castaway made me experiment what I'd wear to a music festival.

If you're asking me why I'm posing in front of a port-a-potty, there's no reason at all. I thought it would be ironic and funny to pose in front of it and to make things seem candid enough. It's extremely difficult for me to do a "blogger pose" simply because I don't like posing. I'd rather have candid shots which are actually miles harder to do which leaves me stuck with random awkward poses (insert random awkward pose by side rail below).

Noticed these here red boots of awesomeness? I got them through my friend, Bree, who also happens to own a rockin' shoe shop. To be honest, I find getting to know friends in the interwebs a little cliché but I guess it proved me wrong once we both noticed how easy it was to talk to each other. Honestly can't wait to meet this pretty lady! :)

So, how do you like my music festival outfit? Not too shabby, eh? Now I leave you with The Beatles' song, Here Comes The Sun, covered by Yuna.

Read about one of the largest OPM Music Festival in North Luzon here and see how much fun I had during #CastawayinSMPampanga! Thanks again SM City Pampanga.

Express white cropped shirt | SM Hypermarket (yes i know)
Green velvet high-waist shorts | Urban Rue
Tribal satchel | Gifted, Nayong Pilipino
Panama Hat | Gifted, Bangkok
Gold rings | My Pretty Little Blings
Red booties | Scene Stealer Shop

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