Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Black Out

Apologies for the long hiatus, I've fallen into a lackluster of some sort where life and work has gotten the best of me and it put blogging at the backseat for quite some time.

To make up for the apparent disappearances from this here website, here are quick snaps of how I literally wore something that looked like pajamas and could quite possibly be the most comfortable outfit I've worn in ages.

Photography by Amary Tolentino

I'd like to thank Bree of Scene Stealer for sending me this pair of mandals or clogs (manclogs? clogdals?) that have been part of the daily routine of casuality. I can say that ever since Bree and I have become Viber friends lol, my shoe closet has been tremendously growing like a beautiful butterfly. I can't say much about my addiction to shoes (because I have none, duh) but I can attest to it that Scene Stealer has one of the best shoe parties in the land of Instagram especially if your wallet is on a budget.

PS: How'd you like my adorkable lace rucksack from Aeropostale? Thanks to my dade for getting me this. I love it to pieces. <3

Birkenstock inspired clogs/mandals | courtesy of Scene Stealer Shop
Floral Harem Pants | Urban Rue
Lace Rucksack | Aeropostale
Gold rings | My Pretty Little Blings

This is a sponsored post.