Friday, September 5, 2014

Coming In Hot

A quick post about my elusive love-hate relationship with this outfit and two new things I happen to have fallen in love with. Now hover on over to see the latest addi(c)tion to the family, folks.

Photography by Amary Tolentino

In sheer honesty, this set of photos were randomly taken with me walking and sitting around which made me think of how mundane it would be to post them as they didn't seem worthy to post. Turns out, it did quite well but looking through the roll there were a lot of candid shots that really looked quite awkward. Makes me feel how uneasy I am when in front of the camera but that need not be the case while I wear one of my favorite pairs to date which is one of the reasons why I forewent with this post. See here these red booties of heaven straight from the loving home that is Scene Stealer. I must say, all the boots I've purchased from Bree have been nothing but perfect. Also, if you too want to cop a pair, another one of these babies are still up for grabs (link below)! Another reason for this post would be my lovely floral watch from Good Finds which I unfortunately forgot to take a close-up of but fret not there'll be future posts consisting of its floral goodness and if it did tickle your fancy, you can also settle for floral time telling by purchasing one or two from them (link below).

PS: See another pair of red booties from a few posts back here.
PPS: Thank you to Amary who painstakingly put up with me with this set. <3

Red boots | courtesy of Scene Stealer
Black Hat | Souvenir from Bohol
Top | Urban Rue
Floral watch | courtesy of Good Finds

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