Saturday, September 13, 2014

Travel Photodiary: Bohol

Bohol is indeed one of the most breath taking places I've been to and I could seriously say that being able to roam around it for a day it was worth every peso.

| Butterflies at the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center | The Bohol Chocolate Hills | Sleeping Tarsiers | The Hanging Bridge | The Man-made Forest | A view from above | Lunch at the Lobo River Cruise | A lovely escape at an Aeta island | First time to shoot bows | Best moment while holding a sawa or python | The Loboc River | Interior at the Buzz Cafe | A boxful of squash muffins from Bohol Bee Farm |

Last July 2014, we got into a 6-day trip to travel across Cebu to Bohol. Since I took most of my time taking a couple of photos in Bohol, I thought I'd start there. We stayed at Bohol from July 27-29, 2014. Our stay was filled with discovering new places, doing new things, and being able to see numerous picturesque landscapes which only left me with full awe. No wonder Bohol is highly regarded as one of the top tourist spots in the Philippines.

To be honest, I've never travelled before with my family. We were that kind of family who stayed home during the holidays and summer. So being able to go explore the Philippines and save up for all my travels, it makes up working very hard worth it. I can't thank Amary enough who let me experience the wonderful world of being a traveller.

PS: I'm off to Thailand on the 16th! It's my first time flying out of the country. I'm too excited for words! Do you guys have any advice for food and shopping? :)