Monday, October 6, 2014


Here's a little throwback to a few months ago in a place where I swear I could have spotted in a scene of Grease. To celebrate how I recluse to wearing too much non-color, see here an outfit that includes the you'll never see them on me occasional black pants.

Photography by Khai Nunag

I was asked by Khai to try out Downtown Cafe and it came to no hesitation on my end since I've been trying to drag someone to try it with me. Save for the convenience that it is a 3-minute walk away from my work but the main reason I wanted to try it out was because of the restaurant's interior. Awkwardly and ironically, the restaurant is reminiscent of a 50's diner but the food had nothing to do with anything American of any sort. They cater to unique Kapampangan dishes and it was an honest good first try but maybe I'll try another dish on the next visit. Nonetheless, it was a great experience!

Kimono cape | Zara
Stilettos | Bargain Find
Top & Pants | Thrifted 
Black Satchel | Bags on Wheels