Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Dark Side

Often times people see me as someone who has a knack for mixing and matching clothes. Though I've never been pegged as someone who dips her toes and tries other fashion styles. So, this is me. Experimenting. Hi.

It wasn't really my intention to go goth or grunge all of a sudden, although I have to admit I've gotten more stares with this outfit compared to any other I've pulled together and believe me when I say I've gotten completely used to it ~ the stares I mean. Living in the province is challenging and boring at the same time because unlike Metro Manila, you get to see different kinds of people fabulously sashaying their unique personalities alongside their outfits anywhere. In the province, it's quite different. You get stares, though not for admiration, but for being way beyond the spectrum of normal bordering on weird. This is exactly the reason why I dress up, it gives you a booster of confidence knowing you're not part of the monotony (it's sad there, don't go there).

Needless to say, I couldn't have actually pulled this off if I didn't get these lovely birthday gifts in the mail. My tattoo choker and hamsa necklace were gifted by Nelly of Good Finds and the Spirited Away (my ultimate fave Hayao Miyazaki film) shirt was given by my good friend, Pat who owns The Hook PH. 

So, what do you think of style changes? Do you think people should definitely rethink some wardrobe choices and experiment a little? :)

Spirited Away Shirt | Gifted by The Hook PH
Tattoo choker & Hamsa necklace | Gifted by Good Finds
Colburn Boots | Jeffrey Campbell via online