Sunday, August 9, 2015

Everything's Turning Out Grey

In a country that celebrates ambivalence, the weather has been nothing but bipolar - having both wet and rainy seasons in one day. This may have been one of the reasons why a thick, gorgeous, and lovely grey coat from SheIn was my ultimate choice to brave the weather.

Photos by Amary Tolentino

If you've been following my style choices, I've never stuck to one. Now that the weather has been turning for the cold, I somehow am embracing more mundane and neutral choices because let's face it, luxe looks amazing in any season. Like the weather, I am but still in a transitional phase which makes it harder for me to let go of the color, so it didn't stop me from adding in pops of color here and there.

Now onto the topic of change, I've been quite on the verge of deciding to move blog platforms soon. Although it might be a big step, I'm still overlooking the possibilities of trying to make my blogging a bit more professional. If you've been following me on Instagram, my account has opened up lots of opportunities to tie up with brands internationally and locally which has made me think of eventually becoming serious about blogging. Hopefully I'd have enough courage to come out of my cocoon and see what my capacity is to try out blogging, for real.

Hope I still get to see you guys when I change avenues. You'll hear from me really soon.

Thea is wearing:
SheIn Grey Coat / Thrifted W Sweatshirt / Hat from Bangkok / Heels from a bazaar