Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fashion Intern PH Correspondent

I'm not the best blogger, I know. But you know what? I'm happy not blogging for anyone but for me. So here I am, being real. It sounds lame but hey, what can you do? So here we are keeping things really short! Update on life? I'm still writing for Fashion Intern PH. I haven't really told anybody about my articles for fear of people judging my writing (since I am not confident with my writing, really). But now that my face is up on the site, I guess I should be proud since I've almost 9 articles up. So, why not check out the website, folks? ;)

Thea's awkward face up on the FIPH site 

Fashion Intern PH is a premier website that caters to internships available within the fashion industry which was founded by Trish Velarmino last September 2011. This year Fashion Intern PH turns it up the notch by featuring interns, having collaborations with different people in the industry, covering different events, and weekly articles that can help interns in their everyday life. Fashion Intern PH is a one of a kind website that gives confidence and pride to the youth to pursue their dreams of becoming part of the Philippine fashion industry.