Friday, March 22, 2013

Ilocos Day 1: Vigan (Part 2)

The next half of the Vigan trip was as awesome as the first. After having slept for about 3 hours, I wanted to go to Baluarte. A fun fact about me: I haven't been to a petting zoo (its friggin sad I know). So this was my first time and I was absolutely too happy the entire time I looked almost creepy.

Baluarte is filled with a lot of animals that roam free wherever they please (well, some). It is actually Chavit Singson's and I think he used his money for a good cause because the whole zoo is free for everybody. I just stood there for a while thinking I must've peed my pants or something to get hold of what I was seeing. I dreamt of being in a zoo when I was a kid, the feeling was as ecstatic as I could remember. My happiness can not be contained whenever I think about it. So fracken awesome.

Mandatory tourist shot picture. Haha.

After visiting the enchanted place of Baluarte, we asked to be taken to the Hidden Garden. This place is like a ginormous spa haven. It was breathtaking I felt as if I was in a pretty jungle of some sort. Although the mababaw (somebody who finds joy in the simplest of things) person that I am was amazed with their restroom. It was ingenious. I wasn't able to take a good picture of the interior because well.. I was too busy doing mah beeezzness ya know.

  I could live in their restroom. I promise. I could sit there for hours and not let anybody in. Haha.

We also went to Pagburnayan but the jar makers were done for the day. We just decided to eat dinner at Bistro Amarillo near Calle Crisologo. I read on the internet that same afternoon that they make a mean bagnet. And darn it, it was heaven. Crunchy on the outside but mouth watering on the inside. Best chicharon I've ever tasted, only at Vigan.

LOL. Spell tourist.

   Vigan Pinakbet that had too much ampalaya (bitter melon) and eggplant. Though the sauce was delicious.

Vigan Bagnet. Its okay if I get to eat you everyday. As long as its you. Har.

We capped the night off by visiting Calle Crisologo and people-watched for a bit. We were supposed to go to the nightclub but it was too early that time, so we just decided to be good and responsible little kids and went back to the hotel to sleep early.

Photography by Amary Tolentino

That's it for Day 1 folks! Tune in again for Day 2 of my Ilocos adventure.