Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vibrant Subtlety

Colors reflect boldness. It reflects a person's capacity to think beyond the norm, to create a visible line between what's possible and what isn't. It makes people surpass consequences and builds confidence to whatever is justifiable for a person to do. It suffices as an excuse to be big enough and to stand out.

Photography by Khai Nunag

I have to say, this was the fattest I've ever been but then again, I fell in love with this whole outfit especially this velvet maxi skirt that I got for 30 pesos at a thrift store. Reasons why I published this is because this was the first time I've ever met PFB as a whole. It was a lovely day of getting to know fellow bloggers.

Neon neckpiece | The Hook
Velvet maxi skirt & Blazer | Thrifted
See through top | Vintage
Black hatty | The Gelabeef's