Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Burger Shack Experience

I am not a crazy fan of burgers but the occasional craving comes and goes. Last April 28, I was craving for cholesterol and grease. Thus, I set on to my very first visit to The Burger Shack. Which I can say is the best burger place I have eaten in, bar none.

The Roshan Burger
The Classic BBQ Burger
LOL. I have no explanation for these pictures.

The Burger Shack (which we will aptly call TBS from now on) is owned by the Villarosa Family. They've dipped their toes into a lot of entrepreneurship over the years and TBS was their "eureka moment". Paul Villarosa, tells me that he's a big fan of the TV show, Man VS. Food, which is why he thought a burger restaurant would make a great business. Having a cousin who took up Culinary and other cousins who supported him in his vision + after a span of almost 3 months, TBS has been nothing but a success.

I'm getting hungry just posting these pictures. LOL.
With my partner in crime :)

You can tell that I had a lot of fun considering I was wearing a white lace dress, it didn't stop me from smoldering and hogging my Roshan Burger. It's also set in stone that I'll be making a Burger Shack Bucket List (to date, I've eaten around 4 dishes in their menu since). Thanks so much to Paul Villarosa for inviting me to The Burger Shack. Definitely my favorite burger place!

So here's my two cents for The Burger Shack:

  • The messier the better: If you're that type of person who just digs in and forgets the poise. Then this, matey, is the right place for you.
  • Worth every peso: I have never been so full in my life just because of a burger. I was already full even before I was halfway through.
  • Bigger, Better, Badder: Their burgers, no matter what you order, are the tastiest and have the biggest patties you can possibly think of. Most of them are 1/3 or 1/2 pounders. The Y.O.L.O burger is actually a 1/2 kilo meat combo awesomeness.
  • Beer: is beer. Burger + beer = probably the 2nd man's best friend.
  • Small place: Even if it's only around 3 months old, The Shack garnered so much attention that sometimes the place is too jam-packed. Good for them because they have thousands of patrons, bad for us because sometimes burgers get sold out instantly.
  • A little slow service: BUT IT'S WORTH THE WAIT.
Rating: 10/10. I can not get over them. I promise. It saddens me when I can't get to order when I go there, I hope they have delivery in the future. Mwehehehe.

The Burger Shack is located at 234 Sampaguita Street Nepo Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga. It is open from Tuesdays til Sundays from 4PM-12AM. For inquiries, text them at 09064620167 and like them on Facebook. Plus hashtag them on twitter and IG: #BurgerShackAC

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P.S: Thank you Burger Shack for now making me a fan of burgers. Now I have to go exercise. Heh.