Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ilocos Day 1: Vigan

I never post travel photos or whatnot because I don't normally travel. This changed last February 22-26. With not much preparation or idea where we'll go, we hopped on a bus to Vigan on a Friday night at around 10PM. Two backpacks at hand, we rode a 9-hour bus ride and waited for the sun to rise while we were still trying very hard to sleep. We arrived in Vigan at 7AM, too early for check-in time. So we had no other choice but to do our tourist duties and drag two heavy backpacks around Vigan.

We first went to the famous Calle Crisologo. Shops were just about to open when we got there. The street IS breathtaking. I still miss it until now. We hung around the street for a couple of minutes thinking what we should do to kill time. We found a city map nearby and we scheduled our walks to different places in Vigan. But first, we had to eat.

Cafe Uno, Kusina Felicitas, and Uno Grille are well known for their very unique Ilokano dishes (which are all owned by one management). We ate at Cafe Uno but had Kusina Felicitas' menu, I tasted their Tapa Ilokano in sheer awe. And, this was the cheapest restaurant we ate at for the entire trip. No kidding we spent around 250 for everything, plus tip.

My all-time favorite tea: Early Grey Tea. I have the Twinings' brand everyday.

We then headed to Syquia Mansion. They don't call it mansion for no reason. This house is HUGE. It actually looks like its long in the exterior but inside, its like a maze of all sorts and it's so big I couldn't believe my eyes. We paid P20 each for maintenance.


The china cabinet which is bigger than my closet. *cries*

A garden terrace which is built inside the house. Yes, they're that rich.

After Syquia Mansion, we walked around the town proper took photos of the monuments and went to the Cathedral of Vigan. It was gorgeous and well maintained. What caught everyone's eye was this big dog who went inside the cathedral and looked as if he was praying. So cute. I took so many photos of him til he went to sleep.


Cutie patootie!!!

We tried to go to the Burgos Museum but it was under renovation. I specifically liked this rundown house beside the museum. We hailed a tricycle (which by the way looks superbly awesome) and we went to our hotel to rest for a couple of hours.

Photography by Amary Tolentino

That's it for the first half of day 1 in Ilocos. Stay tuned for day 1.5 within the week. I'd really like to share to you the beauty that is Ilocos. Ciao!