Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Waiting on Sunshine

Yet another set of photos to conclude that I am obsessed with monotone colors, hats, and sunglasses. Although, I try to do my best by sometimes wearing dresses (which is once in a millenia). 

Photography by Khai Nunag & Ivy Torres

I'd have to admit that my closet doesn't contain a plethora of dresses and one-piece items due to the fact that I have allergies to all things girly and I don't even own a brush to prove it. In an attempt to blend, here is the girliest version I'd ever find myself in worn to the VIP launch of F21 Pampanga a couple of months back. Enjoy!

PS. I promise to not post stuff once a month. Here comes a plethora of backlogs! :D

Native clutch bag | Gifted by Amary
Daisies dress | Urban Rue
White clear heeled mandals | Project Shoephoria