Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Paying homage to my asian roots by casually bringing in a new hairdo to the blog. The usual unkempt, no-brush hair might have been a complete bore to everyone. Also, a somewhat new look to break away from my grunge outfits from a few posts back.

Photography by Kingsly Gonzales

Anyway, it's been a fruitful 2014 for me (meeting tons of people, getting new job opportunities, having been interviewed on TV, reopening my online shop, being overly attached to Instagram lol, and living a great life with my partner and our dogs) and I hope that 2015 will just be as complicated as 2014 was. Of course it would help if I could compose myself through all the new challenges that'll come my way, that'd be super. Anyway, happy new year everyone! As always, I'm keeping my posts short and snooze free. :)

PS: I lied. This photo set was from 2 years ago but let's pretend I wore this yesterday. *winks*

Double gold necklace + bracelet & ring connector | DIY
Skeletor shoes | Sophisticat
Cross origami skort | Ifassion Highfashion