Saturday, March 14, 2015


It has become official. I have thrown out all the color in my closet and adopted all of the dull hues I could possibly put inside my wardrobe. In an effort to pay tribute to the little boy that is living inside my soul, here is the most masculine thing I've worn.

Photography by Amary Tolentino

Our latest trip to Baguio meant cold weather and I could definitely say this cardigan from Sheinside saved my life because I have the tendency to shiver crazily at 18 degrees celsius. Honestly, I've been to Baguio TOO many times that I've lost count so we went to the places we haven't been to and here I am at BenCab Museum posing like an idiot but loving every minute of it because this is by far the most spontaneous long trip Ams and I have been to, no planning or looking for places to go and sleep in, just packed our bags and hopped on a 12-14 hour bus ride to Sagada (and another 6 going down to Baguio) and walk aimlessly to find a place to stay it.was.heaven. :)

I have to admit, it takes some getting use to but I'm slowly loving how I've been experimenting a ton with my sartorial choices. Often times I get asked by people to describe my style - and I always say "none" because believe me when I say my style is akin to PMS thus, pretty erratic style choices. And so, here it is, my first ever outfit post wherein I dress up like a boxtroll. Enjoy! :)

Coffee Cardigan (click here for item link) | Gifted by Sheinside
Black Panama Hat | Bangkok
Red Shoes | Project Shoephoria